Friday, April 23, 2010


Thank Goodness it is Friday all day I was thinking I would love to blog but don't have anything to blog about until my way home from work and the thoughts started pouring out. So Recently I have felt challenged to start memorizing scripture.....start like it has been a long time. So somehow I felt like I was supposed to memorize Titus 2:3-5 which is how older women are supposed to teach younger women and the awesome characteristics God wants us as women to possess. So I have started memorizing it and feel like I have the generalness of it but this summer I have decided to learn this scripture and write it on my heart, like I could sit down and feel God's passion come out of me if someone asked me what Paul is talking about here.

Today at work I had an interaction with a person that I haven't ever really met before but he was asking me some questions about myself and he was asking about me and why I am doing what I am. Well whenever someone asks me why I am a secretary I have to say because I get to work at my church on monday. I am willing to be a secretary which in the eyes of everyone is pretty lowly especially when you just graduated with a college degree....whatever. I get to serve Jesus all days of the week but Monday he has allowed me to set aside that time to develop the women leaders in our church. So some how it came up that he attends church....somewhere here in town. As I was driving home today I was thinking about this conversation and how by looking at him and hearing him talk I wouldn't think for one second he is a christian.....

So I began thinking about Titus which I had just got done reading a commentary on it at the end of today and at the end of these packed 3 verses it says, "and be subject to your husbands so that no one will malign the word of God." I could go on and on about how so many people take this out of context or as a women they feel it is oppressive to them but I challenge you if you feel that oppression to explore God's love and his actions towards us and his Church. So my question to you is if you claim to be a christian we should be marked by that and no one should question if you are or wonder what it means to be a christian because that person says they are or they go to church but they act just like me and there life is just like mine!!!

It is huge how much a wife can show Jesus and his message to others or how she can tear it down, malign it and make the word of God worthless to the lost by her actions. I am trying to tie this together in my crazy head. I as a wife never want my actions towards my husband to make anyone question Jesus, us lovingly submitting to our husbands is a choice it isn't about if you have the same privileges as a man or about rights...... it is about the lost having eternal life and receiving God's life. A women is so important....A wife is so important that you can bring people to or from Jesus!!! I am excited to see what this summer holds and what I get to learn.... and definitely learn alot about loving my husband.....which is something that every person has to learn/be taught.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Last night I stumbled upon a few great things to read. Today I had an opportunity to read "Pastor Dad", written by Mark Driscoll. It is a small transcript about being a father and how Father's are the pastor's of their families. The Link . Go read it, Even if you aren't well a dad or a man for that matter it is really insightful and an encouragement for why we will fight for our children's hearts.

A few weeks ago I asked Gabe if he had a vision for our family/what he feels like God is calling us to. His answer was no, I have never thought about it. I think his answer is something that every man says. Most men probably think why do I need a vision for my family, well going through this reading encourages it even more and encourages the wives to uplift their husbands in the role instead of trying to dominate.

I have also been reading about how to make Gabe my number one priority in life and the first thing that Elizabeth George says we as wives should do is PRAY. Sounds easy doesn't it well I personally struggle to pray for Gabe but he is the most important ministry in my life after my relationship with God. Sometimes I totally understand that other times I forget and put the women that I am meeting with before Gabe. So Learning how to pray is a challenge but I have been trying and prayers I started praying a few weeks ago God has been blessing because I decided or am trying to make a consciece decision not to control Gabe or force him to be the man I think he should be instead of letting God change him into the man he wants him to be.

So as I was reading this excerpt on "Pastor Dad" I am excited to show it to Gabe and then I will pray that he will teach him to be the most amazing father ever. Driscoll talks about how it is such an honor to share the name Father with the creator of the univers!!!!! Whoa that is amazing! I am so excited to be able to see God's grace in our lives and our future children's some day. Children are blessings and generations of godliness are like jewels on a crown!! We get a chance to build generations of believers through our actions. Kids are not a burden, annoyance, or take to much money.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Social Work

Ok so I recently I have encountered a few situations where I have been asked about social work or needed to encourage someone in the choice to be a social worker.
What are the good things about being a social worker or being in that field.

Good things about a social worker
- heart wants to help people
-enjoy working with people
- want to serve others
- family oriented

Encouraging someone who is in this field is difficult for me because I have not felt called to that area of work but through going through school and learning different developmental levels of children/teens taught me alot about being a momma which I look forward to someday. The thing about being a social worker is that they ask you to be in a genuine fake relationship and help these people/spend time with them/ and get to know them like a friend but you can not help them in the one true way you believe- show them Jesus and walk them and direting them to Jesus. In the public social services sector you can not share your faith openly. When there are so much spiritual battle going on in this world you can't cover up the evil one's work and how we are all sinful.

I want people to serve and love people and care for the broken lost people of the world- but I do not yet know how to encourage people to do that with a full time job. We are not supposed to walk away from difficult situations but we are also supposed to point everyone we meet to Jesus. What does it look like to be a social worker-healthy and a follower of Jesus, I am not sure but I am thankful that God has given me a heart for people and has opened up doors and is opening our heart to other doors.

Right now I have an opportunity to work with the amazing women at our church. This has been a true blessing and treat to support them in their walk with God. God also calls us to reach out to those that are broken. One way he has begun to shape my heart is the thought of being a foster parent and supporting the orphans of this country and that way. I don't know if or when this opportunity will take shape but I know that God is opening doors and places in our hearts to consider it.

A way that is really close to home is in the next few months my parents will be taking a 9 yr old child into their home named Kassandra, which is going to be amazing, challenging and full of love all at the same time. My parents have desired to be foster parents before but never have had the opportunity. They are recieving Kassandra because her biological mother no longer wants to care for her....... my heart breaks for that child.......but in a few months we get to love her..... I get to love her as my sister and show her Jesus. It will be hard for my parents....but God never said the plan he has for you will be easy.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Godly Submission

This afternoon I pulled out a trusty book, "A Woman After God's Own Heart" by Elizabeth George. I am currently starting and reading the chapter on God's desire for submission and something that can change any women who struggles with submitting or doesn't know how, she has some great insight.

Elizabeth George says, "Submission is the wife's choice. She decides whether or not to follow her husband. No one can do it for her, and no one can make her do it. Her husband can't make her submit and follow, her church can't make her, her pastor can't make her, and neirther can a counselor.She must decide to choose to defer to her husband and follow his leadership."

Her words are so encouraging. I especially have struggled through this first year of my marriage trying to understand what submission looks like and how to submit because I love Jesus and I love my husband. For me I have experienced my pride and selfishness getting in the way of God's design of submission. By the grace of God and the Holy Spirit he has been speaking to me in each situation about choosing him over my pride. Something to ponder, this can apply to anyone whether married or not.

Thoughts and Downtime

Recently while going through my days of work I felt like God was asking me what am I filling my downtime with throughout the day. Previously I was spending all my time looking up a new craft that I could make or seeing what was the next best thing in houses and decorating. All those things are not bad things, but they were comsuming all my extra thoughts and I would come home and feel very drained and frustrated with my situation. About a month or so ago I felt like God said fill your thoughts with honoring things to me and you will find joy and peace.

I began to look for websites/blogs that were encouraging about being a godly woman. I have felt a number of places that have been challenging me to think and find God in daily life. Some days I am so consumed with bordom that I forget how much God can change me and how much he wants to grow me in my walk with him. The blogs I have found especially helpful are to thr right... about amazing women who seek after God's radical call for our life.

As I learn more about Jesus, how much he loves me and how much he loves all of his children. I feel like God calls/puts in us a fierceness for his kingdom- and I am finding that for those who don't feel that it isn't something that only a few feel. No matter what we are doing we can ask God for a fierceness for his kingdom and the things of eternal worth. A small group of women from our church went to a women's retreat in March and at that retreat one of the speakers spoke about being a fierce women for the things of God. During one of the worship times I felt like God was promising that for the women of our church- that we would raise up fierce women that love the Lord and serve him without the world or other people's opinions in mind.

I so long to grow in my fierceness for God's kingdom and to teach others about the treasures that GOd has waiting for us and the plans, THE RADICAL plans he will call us to in our life.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Beginning

So this is my first real blog entry so we will see what comes out. I decided to start this blog because of some free downtime that I have and I have found the blessing of readingabout a few other awesome ladies walk with God. My desire is that this would be encouraging and an opportunity to relate with one another in how God wants us to live our life out for him.
This week God has truly blessed my husband and I with a more financial stability. We also get a chance to buy a brand new bed which we are so excited about. When we got married we received a bed for free from my parents generous neighbors and it has beenso good to us but it is a little hard. We are excited about a pillow top. Gabe and I are also working on making a fabric headboard and base for our new apt. We will be moving in May. I will post some pictures later once we start working on it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I love my husband

Thank you Gabe for helping me set up this blog